Stop Recreational Marijuana in New Hampshire

The lives of individuals and families are affected by the legalization of recreational Marijuana now being considered by elected officials in our state. We care too much to let this happen unchallenged. This site is dedicated to informing citizens about the dangers of Marijuana, educating people about the risks and motivating everyone to help stop legalization of this dangerous drug.

Stop  Legalization –  Save  NH Lives

Legalization is the Greatest Threat to our Youth

  • Evaluate the Debate….The Truth vs Deception
  • Examine at the Facts from Medical Authorities
  • Review the Experience of States that Legalized Recreational Marijuana
  • Contact your Legislator letting them know that you believe that the facts indicate that “Legalized Marijuana is the greatest threat to NH youth and residents”.
  • Volunteer – help us defeat the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana.

Stop Legalization – Save NH Lives!