That is the basic question. But there is a second question: Why now? Let’s answer both questions. There are three reasons identified for promoting legalized recreational marijuana:

  1. People should not be criminalized for marijuana use. NH has already de-criminalized the use of marijuana. Chapter XXX Section 318B2 states that personal possession of limited quantities shall be treated as a misdemeanor and subject to a fine. (Ref:
  2. Jobs and money. NH has the nations lowest unemployment rate and many job openings unfilled. The “greed” of Big Marijuana is never ending. They are not residents of NH. There is one difference between Big Marijuana and Drug Dealers; they get marijuana “legalized” first to eliminate prosecution. CNN warns “Be Afraid of Big Marijuana”
  3. Tax Dollars. States that have had Legalized Marijuana for long periods of time (> 5 years) are finding that income from Legalized Marijuana is decreasing because the black market is increasing. Ref: Alaska In addition, health care costs associated with drug use and homelessness are increasing. As the tax is increased to cover the real costs, the black market increases decreasing income but not the consequences. Ref: Colorado.

Why now? Because the Democratic Party has taken over the State House and the Senate and Legalized Marijuana is in their Party Platform. We often think of the Democratic Party as the party for the little guy using government to help families with health care, medical leave, and family support. The Democratic Party has represented unions ( Steel workers, Carpenters, Teachers, etc.) for decades. Aren’t our elected representatives betraying our trust by increasing the availability of drugs when we are having a drug crisis? How will teachers be successful in teaching if more students are on marijuana?

The reasons for Stopping Legalization is simple; it will save NH Lives. The American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, the National Institute of Health, the Center for Disease Control, National Institute of Drug Abuse, and many more identify both the short term and long term health effects associated with marijuana which include:

Big Marijuana wants everyone to believe that marijuana today is safe. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana. In the 1960s, THC concentration was about 4%. Today, botanical engineering has developed concentrations in the 50-90 percent. This is not your parents or grandparents marijuana of Woodstock. No one knows the long term effects of these higher concentrations but we are seeing the short term health effects in CA, CO, OR and other states and those effects are damaging.

The Law Enforcement Community opposes Legalized Marijuana. Crime rates (DUI, robberies, violent behavior ) are associated with habitual drug use.

The facts are clear. Marijuana is Big Business because it is an addictive drug that attracts our youth and holds them in its grip for their lifetime.

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Let them know that our children’s lives are not for sale.

Stop Legalization – Save NH Lives!

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